Resource-mapping piloted in Lanao del Sur villages

October 19, 2015 // Leave a Comment


Four barangays in two municipalities of Lanao del Sur were piloted in a resource-mapping that is aimed at identifying the resources and products that have potential to be products of demand in the market.


Maradeca Inc., with the Community Sustainable Development Program, conducted the

Community Resource Mapping workshops in the four barangays in Lanao del Sur, to empower local officials and planners to determine what and when their resources are.


These were the barangays of Diolangan and Salipongan in the municipality of Bubong, and barangays of Pagalongan and Bacayawan in the municipality of Sultan Domalondong. The trainings were held July this year.  This activity was supported by Caritas-Australia.


Ms. Faridah U. Salic, the peace and governance program coordinator of Maradeca, Inc. facilitated the workshops that were joined by 98 selected participants from the four  barangays.


Salic said that the activity “is to help the community to identify resources in their area that can be beneficial for them and can be used as other source of income generating activities”.


“It is also important to instil to the community people the effective ways in utilizing the resources which is sometimes being disregarded,” she added.


In the training workshops,, participants drew and identified resources in their area, the most common of which were the rice and corn farms as the main source of income for the families.


Others identified the vegetables gardens as their only or additional sources of personal consumptions.


Uztadj Zainoden, participant from Barangay. Salipongan, Bubong expressed her gratitude after the training, and said that the resource mapping “will be a window to develop our community, only if constituents know how to utilise the resources”.


“Our place (Lanao del Sur) has a vast and cultivated land but we don’t know how develop the resources we have aside from rice and corn farming,” he said.


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