Poona Bayabao business owners lectured on strategic plan

June 16, 2015 // Leave a Comment

The Maranao People Development Center (MARADECA Inc) gathered the community businesses in Poona Bayabao in Lanao del Sur to encourage them to adapt to more systematic and efficient system at managing business. Ms. Faridah U. Salic, the peace and governance program coordinator of Maradeca conducted the planning session April 23 which asked the business community to come up with a five-year plan.



The planning was attended by 22 participants from various business sector in the locality. This activity aims to facilitate the business sector in defining a clear direction and strategy of the sector and their individual business for the coming five years. In order to gather best output, Ms. Salic used a participative approach in the strategic planning and participants did show their interest.

Ms. Farhana Arimao, the project officer of SUCCEED Project emphasized to the participants the importance of strategic planning and said that “it provides their organization a sense of direction, outlines measurable goals and serves as their guide for their day-to day decisions”.

SUCCEED GLOBAL is the partner of Maradeca in this endeavor. During the strategic planning, participants formulated vision, mission and plans that would lead their organization for the next five years. One of the participants shared that “the activity was quite extensive, but it is full of learnings and realization in each workshops we had. We thank Maradeca and SUCCEED for assisting us draw our plans for the coming year”. “Hopefully those plans would succeed,” he said.