Parents confident of kids’ skills to hurdle national assessment

June 15, 2015 // Leave a Comment


Parents expressed confidence that their Grade 3 learners of BRAC Schools would hurdle a national assessment of the program that is intended for children exposed to poverty, disease and handicap.

The BRAC Schools managed by Maradeca Inc, would participate in the Language Assessment for Primary Graders (LAPG) Examination “along with all the learners in the public schools in Lanao del Sur last March 11”.

The LAPG Examinations aims to assess the effectiveness of the Mother Tongue based-Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) in line with the K-12 curriculum that focuses on English, Filipino and MTB. It was administered by the DepEd

“The assessment was a challenge for our BRAC schools because this is the first National Examinations they attended. Through this, it also evaluates the capacity of our Learning Facilitators /Teachers and the learners in their 3 years in BRAC Learning centers,” the Maradeca said..

Maradeca said that parents of the learners “show their support for the conduct of the examination and encourage their learners and assigned learning facilitators to have a general review of their lessons”.

“They are confident enough that their children will pass the LAPG exam since they have seen  their children learn a lot from the BRAC learning centers. They have also observed the teaching strategies and classroom management of their respective Learning facilitators,” Maradeca said.


Ms. Hanna O. Caunda, the project coordinator of Maradeca-BRAC ADM Project herself confidently said that `we assure that we only not provide free education to children but we also provide high standard quality education to them”.

The LAPG examinations conducted successfully in all areas of BRAC learning Center in the province of Lanao del Sur.