MARADECA Taps funding partners to widen Islamic understanding

October 13, 2015 // Leave a Comment

The Maranao People Development Centre, Inc. (Maradeca, Inc) enlivened Islamic activities in formerly untapped areas in Lanao del Sur toward better understanding and camaraderie in the communities when it tapped partners and supporters during the holy fasting month the Ramadhan.

“Maradeca strikes in different communities in Lanao del Sur during holy Ramadhan

through its peace-building and governance program in collaboration with the resource mobilization staff,” a statement from Maradeca said.

The activities to foster better understanding of Islam and for deeper camaraderie among Muslims in the communities happened on June 18-July 17 in Lanao del Sur.

“The Ramadhan activities are traditionally observed and celebrate every month of Ramadhan on its partner communities. But this time around, Maradeca envisioned reaching out to more communities in different areas in Lanao del Sur through the use of social networking sites,” the Maradeca said.


Prior to the conduct of the activity, Maradeca launched its Facebook account page Maradeca Ramadhan Activity and invited Facebook users in the Philippines and abroad “who wanted to extend their shadaqah or charity for the holy month in order to conduct Islamic seminars”.

The financial support would also be used to distribute Iftar foods (breaking the fast) in different communities in Lanao del Sur, Maradeca said.

“Through the support of Caritas Australia and individuals, Maradeca was able to conduct 17 Islamic seminars, distribute Iftar foods in five communities while two municipalities had the centralized Ramadhan activity like Reading Quran, Call of Adhan Prayer, Wasyat (Islamic Preaching) and Kasida (Drama and Declamation),” it further said.

Maradeca said the activities “aim to strengthen camaraderie and promote sustainable peace in the communities. The activities theme of this year is ‘towards lasting peace’”.

Aleem Abdul Bashit Saleem, who led the Islamic seminar in Madanding, Bacolod Kalawi

extended his gratitude to Maradeca in intiating the Islamic seminars “that enabled the

community to hear Islamic teaching and hopefully this kind of work will continue and

hopefully able to cater more communities in Lanao del Sur”.

“Maradeca Ramadhan activities are like a bridge of happiness of the community. It gives

excitement and encouragement to the young generation of the community to showcase

their gifted talent and increased their knowledge of Islamic teaching,” the Maradeca said.

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