MARADECA assists People’s Organizations finalize their legal and organizational status

September 7, 2017 // Leave a Comment

A number of people’s organizations in Lanao del Sur have gathered at the Maradeca Session Hall in Bgry Ragayan, Marantao, Lanao del Sur last October 2016. The organizations that were present at the event were Ompongan o Manga Taribasok sa Ranaw (OTR) and the Ompongan o Manga Bae sa Ranaw (OBAIRA). These organizations came all the way from the different communities in Lanao Del Sur namely Salipongan, Diolangan, Langi Talub, and Moriatao Datu from the municipalities of Bubong and Lumbayanague.

According to the facilitators, the main goals of the activity are to finalize the laws within the organization, list of active members, and to set a plan for the activities of the groups. But the anticipated part was the election of the officers in each respective organization. After that, they are asked to have a finalized mission and vision for their organization. The election of the officers is where the members’ personality is tested. If one will be able to lead the organization if selected and how will he/she guide the organization for the better were also raised during the activity.

The organizations also expressed their gratitude to the facilitators and initiators of the said event which were the Maranao People Development Center (MARADECA) Inc and its partner Caritas Australia. Through them the organizations are guided properly from their beginnings up till now. Many participants have also shared their realizations that without the initiatives of the people who helped them established the people’s organization; they wouldn’t be progressive as they are today.

“Because these peoples’ organizations were established, we can now easily relay our concerns and problems to those people who can provide us aid. We also now have a voice in the society; our rights cannot be easily deprived because of the organization.” said by Hadji Mohaimen, one of the participants.

Proper guidance and support to these people’s organization not only gives advantages to its members but also to the community they are into. The progress of the organization can also   contribute to the progress of the community. Many people are not aware of the significance of these kind of organizations not knowing that they are the primary contributors to the community.