Maradeca assessment shows empowerment among organizations

June 30, 2015 // Leave a Comment


The Maranao People Development Center  (MARADECA) Inc. was elated to find out that the communities and organizations they catered to have demonstrated varying degrees of confidence and empowerment in dealing with their respective constituents.

This was indicated in an end of year assessment that focused on two specific areas: the community and organization.

“The community assessment focuses on the successful communities and to what strategies they have adopted and employ by the organized people’s organization while the organization assessment stressed on the program/project implementation to the partner communities and the systems and procedures of Maradeca Inc.”

In the assessment, Maradeca found that the communities “we serve realised the main objectives of Maradeca which is community empowerment”.

“Communities understand that they play a vital role for the success of the project intervention. Maradeca also learned from the assessment that there are more areas applying for possible intervention,” it added.

The Maradeca conducted an end-year assessment on December last yearat Barangay Ragayan, MarantaoLanaodel Sur, that was participated by the 55 staff members of the organization.

The end-year assessment aims to evaluate the performance of Maradeca in terms of implementing its projects and programs; strengths and weaknesses of staffs and the management; and the strategies adopted in penetrating communities. It also intends to forecast the runs and the needs for changes inside Maradeca for the next year.

The assessment is facilitated by Maradeca Chief Executive Officer, Salic Ibrahim, and Operating Manager, SinabDatu.  Community and program assessments were presented where strengths and weaknesses were discussed in order to gather best practices and strategies needed to improve in community development work.

The assessment employs various strategies to get the most output and how to move forward.  These include workshops, group discussions and sharing best practices adopted by some staff.

The ideas and consensus points from workshop were used as guide for the planning for 2015. “The light house is the marker which gives indication to one’s mark.  The same with our objective with this event, we will calculate our achievements, what had we implemented, and where are we so far, said by Mr. Ibrahim during the first day of the assessment.”