Facilitator lauds OBAERA group for initiative moves

December 2, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Facilitator lauds OBAERA group for initiative movesThe facilitator of the council meeting of the Ompongan o mga Bae sa Ranao (OBAERA) praised its leadership for showing maturity and initiative as a community-based women’s organization.

Hadji Jalel., program officer of Sustainable Livelihood program of the Maranao People’s Development Center, Inc.(MARADECA) said the women’s initiative to aspire for what they want was a sight “very fulfilling for us”.

“Seeing the officers of the organization, tackling on the betterment of their organization is very fulfilling because they could now facilitates on their own and think better ideas and activities for their group,” he said.

Mrs. Kalima Maute, a chairperson of an OBAERA chapter in Barangay Dansalan of the town of Buadipuso Buntong, said that “giving up on a small problem is not an option but, a motivation to do better and be strong on all problems that will strike us”.

Ms. Maute has encouraged her co-chaiperson from the other OBAERA chapters “to be positive and continuously guide the members of the organization”.

MARADECA Inc conducted the 16th council meeting of the group OBAERA, and that was attended by 14 different OBAERA’s chairpersons and representatives coming from the different areas of Lanao Del Sur .

The Activity aimed to gather all chapter chairpersons and get updates on their respective organizations.

The council meeting also served as the venue for the organizations to tackle issues and concerns  and raise recommendations for each concerns.