MARADECA, the Maranao People Development Center Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit service oriented institution catering to the needs of the Moro People in their quest for socio economic advancement and to struggle for peace and development. It adopts a people-based, community based, integrated and sustainable development framework that creatively reflects the aspirations of one Moro People.

MARADECA’s mandate is centered through the issues and situations of the “deprived“ and the “neglected“ around the urban and rural communities of Marawi City and Lanao del Sur. It primarily works towards addressing the plight of internally displaced persons (IDP`s) as aggravated by the peace, order and development landscape around Mindanao. While most of its continuing programmes are focused on the promotion of welfare of women and children primarily in the sectors of health, sanitation, education and peace building, a clear manifestation of the participation of the marginalised in development.





Our Vision

MARADECA envisions to become a significant pillar in community development as it continues to establish empowered, self-reliant and self-sustaining, peaceful and God-fearing Bangsamoro communities in Lanao and actively build meaningful partnerships with national and international networks.

Our Mission

MARADECA will continue to provide venues and opportunities for the empowerment of the Bangsamoro people towards building healthy, peaceful, productive and sustainable environment.

Our Objectives

  1. Enhanced capacity of women and men in the community for the development of appropriate sustainable and environmental friendly agro-forestry practices that response to immediate and long term needs and facilitates fair enterprise development.
  2. Lay down the foundation for the promotion and democratization of Peace building work in communities.
  3. Supported the Bangsamoro People to advance claims for ancestral domain and exercise their rights to self-determination and work for transparent and accountable governance.
  4. Increase access to basic social services particularly of partner communities and the most disadvantaged sector.
  5. Build partnership with other people LGU’s communities, civil society organization towards total human development.
  6. Support the agenda of Women empowerment and gender equity with particular consideration to cultural background and concrete recognition and respect of women’s dignity, rights and welfare.
  7. Provide emergency response and develop resilient communities in responding to disaster and emergency
  8. Strengthen local governance and traditional structures in partner communities
  9. Strengthen capacities of MARADECA and create other institutions to support and or complement its community development work.
  10. Work, support and promote awareness and responsibility for the protection, preservation and rehabilitation ofenvironment including marine life in lakes of Lanao.